Staying Healthy at Home


March, 2020 Staying Healthy at Home Nutrition, Ergonomics, and Stretches Quality Vitamins and Supplements Shipped to Your Home Welcome to Wellevate! Emerson-Wellevate is a distribution partner that has been providing high quality supplements to physicians

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Chiropractic Can Minimize Opioid Dependence!


A new study shows that chiropractic care can minimize opiod dependence. Prescription opiods for back pain has done more damage than good. Leaving addiction aside, these medications also do little to solve the underlying condition

Chiropractic Can Minimize Opioid Dependence!2020-01-14T12:28:13-08:00

Increase Your Knee Stability


WATCH IT NOW  Knee problems have been known to cause hip and low back pain. By strengthening the knee and the surrounding kinetic chain, you can make full body health improvements. Tony shows us some

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Exercise Smarter, Not Harder


Too many times I hear patients tell me that they work-out for 45 minutes to an hour doing the same exercise. We now know that endurance exercise is not the healthiest for our body and

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The Lumbar Spine


WATCH IT NOW Do you know where your lumbar spine is located? It is your lower back, from the end of your rib cage to your tail bone. Lower back pain is the #1 cause

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The Drop Table


WATCH IT NOW CBP Doctors have several types of tools to use when treating patients. One of these is the Drop Table. The Drop table helps Doctors in many ways. One of the main functions

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Good Posture Driving Tips


WATCH IT NOW Most of us spend a lot of time driving. It is really easy to slump into bad posture, and cause unnecessary back pain. Find out some tips and tricks to sit in

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