Top 10 Chiropractor-Approved Activities for a Healthy Summer


In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining an active lifestyle is more crucial than ever. Staying active is essential for maintaining overall health and wellness, including the health of your spine. Regular physical activity enhances cardiovascular health,

Top 10 Chiropractor-Approved Activities for a Healthy Summer2024-06-28T09:54:43-07:00

Backpack Safety


It is time for back to school. Kids are heading back to the classroom for another year of learning. It’s time for new books, new school supplies, and new backpacks! Backpack safety is a topic

Backpack Safety2022-08-17T12:49:11-07:00

Maintaining a Healthy Immune System


 Your immune system is responsible for fighting off colds, flus, bacteria, viruses, and even cancer. Keeping your immune system in top fighting order is crucial to your overall health and wellbeing. A weak immune system

Maintaining a Healthy Immune System2021-09-08T10:51:36-07:00

Do Children Need Chiropractic?


I am often met with surprise when I tell current patients that I also adjust children. They are surprised that children also need chiropractic. But children, including babies, have spines too. If you think about

Do Children Need Chiropractic?2020-12-29T14:25:05-08:00

Scoliosis Awareness Month


Even in a pandemic, the ‘watch and wait’ approach to scoliosis is not advised. In these challenging times, it can be easy to forget to keep a complete check on our health. Sure, we are

Scoliosis Awareness Month2020-09-07T16:26:39-07:00

Infant Posture & Chiropractic Care


WATCH IT NOW Infant Posture and Chiropractic care is extremely important.  Dr. Jason Haas explains how to "baby wear" with proper hip placement.  Every baby should be evaluated by a CBP trained chiropractor immediately after

Infant Posture & Chiropractic Care2020-01-14T12:28:27-08:00
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