Stop Yo-Yo Dieting

You Can Stop the Cycle of Yo-Yo Dieting

Take the weight off. Gain it back. Take the weight off again. Gain it back again.

It’s called yo-yo dieting, or in more clinical terms, weight cycling. But no matter what you call it, watching our weight go up and down—just like a yo-yo—can be an endless cycle for many of us.

Watching our weight fluctuate up and down is frustrating and unhealthy. But, you can stop the cycle by finding a solution that works for you.

After all, you already know how to lose weight. You’ve done it time and again. But you also know by now that losing weight is only half the battle. You also have to learn how to keep it off. Here are some tips that will help you stop yo-yo dieting once and for all.

Be realistic. Pick a weight management plan that you can stay with—first to help you lose weight and then to help you keep the weight off—for life. It’s a permanent way of living.

Believe you can do it. Ask yourself if making the lifestyle, diet and exercise changes are worth a healthier you. Do you believe they will pay off in the long-run?

Try something new. Make small changes—they’re usually easier to do and to keep doing. Even a tiny change can invigorate your weight loss journey and bring positive results.

Take time to take care of yourself. Of course eating healthfully and exercising regularly is taking care of you. But doing things that have nothing to do with weight loss can also help with your self-care. A little TLC can do wonders.

Try not to use food as a stress reliever. For many of us, eating when we are stressed can turn into a binge. Recognizing that life can be messy and stressful can help you to put food in its proper place.

Ask for help if you need it. Talk with your support group, whether its friends, family or a colleague. It can help you keep your weight loss journey in perspective.

Ingrain your new healthy behaviors. Boost your odds of reaching your goal and stop yo-yo dieting with a commitment to your new healthy lifestyle in your new permanent way of living.

Yes, you can make yo-yo dieting, along with all its potential health dangers, a thing of the past. And, you can become someone who lost the weight—for good!


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